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If your car is in an accident, don't trust the repairs to just any shop. At Specialty Car Craft, we can restore your car to the original factory condition. With over 20 years of experience in cosmetic repair in Los Angeles and a team of highly qualified professionals, we are prepared to give your car the luxury treatment it deserves.

We specialize in repair work for luxury cars including: Aston Martin, Lexus, Tesla, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Bentley, Range Rover, Maserati, Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghini, Audi, and Mercedes Benz repair.

With Specialty Car Craft, you get the full package. We provide bodywork/metal work, mechanical repairs, and painting. No matter the repair, Specialty Car Craft is there. No job is too small or too large; we do it all.

We offer various services to make the repair process easier and less stressful for you. If an accident damages your car to the point that it can't be driven, call us! We offer towing services to our shop. Additionally, our helpful staff will assist you in obtaining a suitable rental car while your vehicle is repaired.

If you have been in an accident, or if you are simply looking for quality paint job, give us a call at 310.838.5551.
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1862 S.  La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035


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Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm

Saturday: 7am - 5pm

Sun: Closed

Since 1991, Specialty Car Craft are experts in luxury car repair and collision restoration services. We are Southern California’s premier collision repair professionals.
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We are Proud of Our Five-Star Testimonials
I just wanted to say Steve and the Team at SCC (Specialty Car Craft), are true Masters of what they do. You guys/gals produce nothing less than AMAZING when it comes to customizing/ repairing cars/ exotics.  I highly recommend their work/professionalism to anyone that needs customization/ body work/ paint done. Always the very Best from Specialty Car Craft as well as the other L4P sponsors

Los Angeles
Really this as Good as It Gets  !  Very clean shop easy parking in the rear. This shop is the best ! we will bring all of our work here from this point forward.  A very  professional staff I was even offered a bottle of water  by one of the body shop crew upon arrival my repair specialist Arman, was  extremely helpful and very quick to arrange everything. My car (BMW 640 I) needed a few deep scratch repairs  and the young Lady at the desk was very quick to help with the insurance arrangements and the rental car, even the rental car company picked me up and took me to receive my rental.  When I received my car It Looked as Good as the day I purchased it. It was worth the drive from Pasadena to Specialty Car Craft .

Eleanor N.
Los Angeles, CA
I love Specialty Car Craft!  Their work is is second to none and they truly are the "best of the best"!  Henry is amazing and a great guy!  He made sure everything was top notch and my car looks brand new!  Armen made sure my insurance adjustor was updated regularly and I didn't have to deal with them at all.  Niri got me a high-end rental and took care of everything!  Steve, the owner made sure everything was going smoothly and that I was happy!

This is my second experience with SCC and I will NEVER take my car anywhere else.  I highly recommend SCC and am certain your experience will be as amazing as mine...you'll never go anywhere else.  Thanks Steve and Henry...you and your team are awesome!

Sheryl L.
Los Angeles, CA
I absolutely love this place and highly recommend it! Henry and the staff at SCC have gone above and beyond for me. There work is second to none and their prices are reasonable. They also deal directly with my insurance company so I don't have to. I will choose SCC over Maserati of Newport every time. Very much worth the 70+ miles I have to travel to get top service!

Belen L.
Redlands, CA
I have a Bentley Continental,  my wife has a Maserati. I had body work on my car looks perfect. If your looking to get you car looking 100% back to original you just can't rush people and expect to be a perfect job. Yes other places might get it done faster it's going to look crappie. Don't rush to get your car back he will give you sweet car to drive. Steve will take care of you if you have problems down the road he will help you out . Best body shop in and surrounding Los Angeles.

Raffe C.
Glendora, CA
Going to a car mechanic / body shop is never fun. It's, basically, worse than the dentist. And more expensive.

SCC, however, makes the whole experience about as pleasant as possible. Henry is a great guy and has repeatedly gone out of his way to make things work out. Couldn't praise him, and the shop overall, more highly. Fantastic work, reasonable prices, and good people.

Piotr B.
Venice, CA
If you are somebody who has a luxury car and you are looking for a place to fix it or maybe tune it up a bit then this is the place!!!!! The owner Steve is a multi task person who know everything and probably everybody in the car business! He's busy 25 hours a day but the quality of his job is just unbelievable!!! Our Rolls Royce got fixed over there with no time at all and the result is just breath taking!

Just going to the place makes you feel like you are in the car show! They have fixed probably every expensive car what has ever sold. I recommend that place with my eyes closed! Good job guys!

Heigo P
Specialty Car Craft is a truly reliable and punctual auto shop. My experience with Specialty Car Craft has run over 6 years. In that 6 year time, I have been the victim of several car accidents and I have turned to SCC every time without a second thought.
SCC is a properly managed body shop. They give you a REAL time horizon to expect your work to be done. Furthermore, they know how to deal with insurance companies and get your insurance company to move quicker. Additionally, SCC understands that I hate to be in a rental when I'm paying a lease for my car, as such, they are very responsive and actively inform me of the progress of my car. SCC is very accommodating and actively helped me resolve issues such as procuring a rental, dealing with insurance companies, maintaining evidence for a litigation matter involving an accident, and provided top quality service and work. I'm tired of other body shops delaying months at a time to return a car after an accident, I'm glad I had the luck to be referred to SCC. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SCC!

Justin F
Los Angeles